Right my wrong(chapter 2)

October 9, 2019   |   by Huge Store

Chapter 2

One day,i was peeping through her gate when i heard a horn,it was her; she asked if i needed anything. After some minutes of confusion i summoned courage and told her that i wanted to be like her,that i wanted to know her secrets and stories. She drove me into her house,i became estatic immediately i stepped into her house and i couldnt stop staring,i sat on the floor when she asked me to sit down and amused by my naiveness she said “do not be moved by what you see,not all that glitters is good”. That wasnt what i wanted to hear,all i wanted to hear was her secrets and stories,all i needed was tips on how i could make my own money. Having seen that no sermon could move me,she decided to give me a ride through her journey,and thus she started.
“Listen carefully to my story so that you may realize that there are stupid stories behind every saucy success,your desperation and instinctive has brought you here but after this story,your desire to become rich at all cost i know would diminish. ” my name she started after a brief pause is issabel,my friends then called me issa,i was born into a family of six where my father was an alchoholic and my mum a petty trader who believed in hardwork and virtues but these never paid off as we ged from hand to mouth,being a growing,beautiful and intelligent girl,my family’s status was a disgrace to me,i despised and wished death for my father who always return drunk to beat us up,being so much obsessed and desperate for riches and not much less so with fashion and good life,i crossed my heart and swore never to live without them anymore,my mum advised me against any bad act or decision but my desperation made me over look them,i had no much friends in school and couldnt mingle well because i was always stinking and shabby. One day,i was coming back from school during my last days in high school i met a rich lady who offered me a lift,i readily hopped in,he asked of many things which i wasted time in telling her. She gave me the direction to her house and invited me over,she gave me a thousand naira note while dropping me off some poles away from my house,i thanked her so profoundly and the next day being a saturday i went to her house. She gave special orders to her servants,the thought of me being given special treatment in the most beautiful mansion i have ever seen made me feel like a princess,they treated me a very sumptous meal that i have never tasted before.
After the meal she asked her servants to retire to their apartment,we watched a very interesting movie as we chatted frivolously,she told me that she would change my life,treat me so well and great,give me the riches i desperately wanted if i could obey her,i thanked her sincerely and promised to do all that she wishes

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