Right my wrong(chapter 1)

October 2, 2019   |   by Huge Store

In this carriage ride that they call life,where time drives and fate the enginr,i wonder how it chooses the position of its passengers and tries often to figure out why i became a passenger in the low economic column.

Being the daughter of a middle class family is something i have always wished to change and from the very moment after my father’s demise,i hated my mum for bringing me into this world.
My name is julia,a very ambitious teenager who wishes more than anything to have been born with a golden spoon maybe as a princess or a presidents daughter.Whenever i am dressed in shabby clothes,i always dream of how i would have looked if i was one of these sophiscated rich girls,i always imagine how life would have been if i never would have to trek to school every morning and for this i hated my mum and never heeded to her advices,i was determined to be rich and if only i could arrive at that i cared not much by what means.

During my high school,things became harder for my family and i decided to quit my studies,my mum though finding it hard to train her seven children adviced me against that but having made her my worst enemy,i never adhered to that.I went about looking for job and at all cost i was ready to get rich,people said and i believe that i am beautiful,so i thought that i wouldnt have much trouble hitting riches atleast with my body.
In our neighbourhood,there lived a rich lady in his mid forties i guess she lives alone in a big mansion. Looking at her,one could detect the visible effect of bleaching on her skin,she hosts no guest in her big house,she flies in and out of the country at will and drives many types of car; that was my dreamed life,i always wondered what she does,why she lives alone and many other things which i was determined to figure out. My desperation led me to peeping and hanging around her house.

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